What to wear for a Children’s Modeling Portfolio

Children’s modeling, acting or casting portfolios may look a little different from adults. Many of these kids are new to having professional photos made so we will guide them through the process so that we receive a variety of natural, authentic expressions and no “cheese smiles”.

When shooting a full modeling portfolio or gallery we go beyond the classic actor headshot and include 3/4 body shots, full body images, and a range of expression from laughing to subdued. Some kids are lucky enough to be discovered while out and about but most will have to work for opportunity to get their foot in the modeling door. Putting together a great, varied and current portfolio (and getting it in front of the right people) will be the most crucial part of this process. We want to showcase your child’s unique physical strengths and attributes and feature their range in expressions while keeping them looking youthful and engaging.

Wardrobe Tips

  • Kids and tweens (through age 13) should appear as natural as possible. No makeup, minimal hair styling and simple clothing. Kids older than 13 may have some makeup on to cover blemishes/even skin tone but it should remain light and not look “made up”.
  • For headshots, neckline and color matters. Bright colors are great for commercial looks, and darker colors work well for theatrical looks. V-necks and scoop/crew neck work well to frame the face and create the illusion of length. Avoid turtlenecks and other high neck tops.
  • Layers work well, denim and other light jackets, sweatshirts, and flannels/layered shirts are all great options.
  • Clothes should be well fitted, any bulk will not look great in photos.
  • Avoid neon colors and reds, stick to solids over pattern. Choose colors that flatter your child’s skin tone and bring out the eyes.
  • Bring undergarments that work for each look.
  • Accessories should be kept to a minimum, if you want to include glasses in some photos it’s best to pop out the lenses or use non prescription frames since some proscriptions can distort the eyes.
  • Bring several options so we can create a perfect variety of looks.

Season has specialized in working with children since 2005 so she will ensure that this is a fun, stress free experience for your child (and you!).