Three Things That Can Ruin Your Headshot Photo Shoot

Headshot photo shoots are fun, and much lower stress than most people imagine. But after years of working with professionals in the Raleigh area to create their perfect professional images I can tell you there are a few things you can do (or not do) that can leave you less than thrilled with your photos.

Your Hair

Right out of the gate, hair is by far the number one thing people complain about with their headshots. If you don’t have a makeup artist scheduled for your shoot you are on your own to tame flyaways and fix curls. Did you just get bangs two days before your appt? Oh noooooo…

  • Do not get a hair cut/color in the days before your session. For most people it takes some time for the hair to “lay right” after a cut. Give it a few days, even a week to settle down.
  • Do not make a drastic change just before photos. You may learn to love the new layers but you may not love them right away. If you’re not used to seeing yourself in a certain style it will feel “off” in photos. When you have committed to a new look, update your photos then.
  • Bring along products/styling tools. I do keep items in studio to touch up hair but nothing works like the products you know.
  • Flyaways. Just flyaways. Yes, extensive retouching can clean up flyaway hairs but it can also leave you with a digital helmet head. It is always better to get it right in camera than try to fix it afterward. We live in a humid state, hairspray is your friend.

Your Clothes

Clothing is probably the most stressful part of a photo shoot, but most people stress over the wrong things.

  • Bring options. Even if you are scheduled for a one look mini session, bring at least one outfit option. The benefit of hiring professionals is we can advice you on what will photograph well – and what won’t. Always bring along a jacket (both men and women), you will not regret it. Remember that most sessions only photograph from the waist up.
  • Bring pressed, stain free clothes. No, we really can’t photoshop that wadded up shirt into a starched look. Your clothing will look like it looks on the hanger in the final images so plan ahead. Remove the dog hair, steam the sleeves and press those collars.
  • Clothes must fit well. Did you lose 30 lbs? That is awesome! But your jacket no longer fits well. And believe it or not for the sake of photos gaining is a little more forgiving than losing but the fit at the shoulders/neck is most important. Try on all clothes before your shoot.

Your Skin

It’s summer here in North Carolina as I write this which means raccoon eyes, bright red noses and peeling skin.

  • Consider a makeup artist for your session. Makeup artist can even out your skin tone, hide those dark under eyes and give you the proper amount of eyebrows.
  • Avoid alcohol, sodium and excessive carbs in the days before your shoot. I know, I know but it does affect how we look. Bring water with you, and drink as much water as possible in the days before your shoot.
  • Shine. Everyone, and I mean everyone is shiny in the NC summers. That shine reflects the studio lighting and is distracting in photos. Powder or oil absorbent papers are your friend.

Give yourself plenty of time on the day of your shoot, check to make sure you have everything packed and BREATHE – I promise, you will have fun!