visitRaleigh Video | I love Raleigh!

I moved to Raleigh on January 1, 2008. We picked up, loaded a (small, very, very small) Uhaul truck with all of our belongings and moved to a city we had visited just one time. We never planned to stay here long term, in fact we thought two years would be a stretch but here we are years later and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Raleigh has come a long way in that time, growing in numbers and in what is has to offer. I love our music, nightlife, schools, restaurants and small businesses. I love our festivals and events and locally owned restaurants with Wednesday night wine specials. I really, really love our weather as we hit the mid 70s on this early March day (that just happens a Wednesday with those wine specials). I was fortunate enough to start this business in 2005 and be successful business ever since. I consistently meet the best people doing what I do and I typically leave sessions thinking that we would be best friends. I may have been born and raised in Atlanta but Raleigh is my home.

This Raleigh <3 video from made me tear up a little. How lucky we are to call this place home!

I am honored to work with the wonderful people of Raleigh, North Carolina.

And I look forward to many more years doing it.