Perks of Professional Makeup

You have decided to make the investment in yourself and your career and update your headshots, but do you really need a professional makeup artist too? I hear so often that clients are nervous that will look too overdone, too “made up” and not feel like themselves. This definitely can happen so I have built a team of professionals that specialize in camera-ready that looks great under the lights, accentuates your features and have you looking like you – the best version of you.

A Skilled Makeup Artist can do as little, or as much of a look as you want.

This beautiful client came in with her normal, daily makeup on. She doesn’t wear much makeup and wanted to look like herself. My artist Michelle listened to her concerns and preferences and with her magic touch and a little pose coaching from me the before and after photo speaks volumes!

If you regularly wear makeup hiring a makeup is almost always a good idea. Some products absolutely do not photograph well and what looks beautiful to the eye does not translate well in photos. If you don’t generally wear makeup, you still might want to consider using the services of a makeup artist for your session to even out skin tone and “airbrush” your look like the example above.

Most people come in a little stressed and nervous about headshots, so why add one more thing to your list to stress about? If you hire a makeup artist, you know your makeup is going to be perfect, which is one less thing you have to think about. You will simply get to focus on the direction I am giving you which means your shots are going to be better.

If you worry an artist means you’ll end up wearing a face full of makeup that doesn’t feel like you, rest assured that a good makeup artist will be responsive to you and your needs. They’ll want to hear from you if you don’t like the lip color they’ve used or if you feel like you don’t ‘look like yourself’. Don’t be afraid to answer honestly when they ask what you think or to request changes – they want you to be happy!

Another added perk is light hair styling – My team assists with styling adjustments and those stubborn fly-away hairs. Flyaway hairs are the absolute hardest thing to fix in editing and when the artists are there on set they are being a second set of eyes to tend to your appearance. Their attention to detail and the products used will help keep these squared away. I have never had anyone finish a session and say “I wish I had done my own makeup.” However, I have had multiple people come back and say, “I wish I had hired your team.”

In many cases, those that do wear makeup, end up with a larger range of shots to choose from and more options than someone who didn’t. You are making an investment in yourself and you want it to be perfect!