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Sometimes a team of professional just kills it at their session – this was one of those times. I mean take a look at this photo, need I say more?

The color palette, the expressions, the confidence was just perfection, and it matched so well to the cool, warehouse vibe of the Dillon Raleigh. These guys looked good enough to be in a magazine but as luck would have it, they were! These photos were taken for an article featuring the Steve Gunter Group in Triangle Real Producers Magazine. We got a variety of team shots but also took the time to grab some headshots; you can’t pass up that opportunity when everyone is looking this good…

I absolutely love the hot pink accents. Real estate agents are not limited to stuffy headshots; step outside the box and choose a look that best expresses your personality and the client you want to reach.

Do your team photos really convey who you are, what you stand for you and how you work? If not let us help best express you!


I moved to Raleigh on January 1, 2008. We picked up, loaded a (small, very, very small) Uhaul truck with all of our belongings and moved to a city we had visited just one time. We never planned to stay here long term, in fact we thought two years would be a stretch but here we are years later and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Raleigh has come a long way in that time, growing in numbers and in what is has to offer. I love our music, nightlife, schools, restaurants and small businesses. I love our festivals and events and locally owned restaurants with Wednesday night wine specials. I really, really love our weather as we hit the mid 70s on this early March day (that just happens a Wednesday with those wine specials). I was fortunate enough to start this business in 2005 and be successful business ever since. I consistently meet the best people doing what I do and I typically leave sessions thinking that we would be best friends. I may have been born and raised in Atlanta but Raleigh is my home.

This Raleigh <3 video from visitRaleigh.com made me tear up a little. How lucky we are to call this place home!

I am honored to work with the wonderful people of Raleigh, North Carolina.

And I look forward to many more years doing it.

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Attorney headshots taken on a gorgeous North Carolina day, I must admit – they made it easy! I first work worked with defense law firm Fay Grafton several years ago when they were an office of three. They have grown to a staff of six now now and new photos were in order this fall. The weather was gorgeous so we moved our indoor session outside on a downtown Raleigh street and I could not have been happier with the results.

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This group wanted a modern take on traditional office portraits. Having images that convey both professionalism and approachability is important to potential clients look for in a lawyer. It only takes a second to connect with readers online and in the competitive Raleigh market, and that second can make all of the difference!